Friday, December 28, 2012

And so it begins...

Hi everyone - My name is Victoria!
I was raised the majority of my life in New England (yep, prepare for some Northern sass, people!).
I'm a college senior at Liberty University... GO Flames!
Now that you know a little bit about me, here is my story....

I know, I know... totes adorbs :)
I always thought I was crazy heavy growing up.
I can't remember wearing any size smaller than a 10 in pants or a medium in shirts.
Even though I was a little chunky, I definitely wasn't as big as I thought.
I've battled my weight all my life and the scale only seems to climb higher.
I made a lot of changes about four years ago and actually dropped about 40 pounds.

Look at me go!
Sadly, I gained it all back and then some.
Have you ever hit rock bottom? All you fatties know what I mean.
That moment when you look at yourself in the mirror or see your fat butt in a picture?
Or there is always that moment when you see that ugly number pop up on a scale?
Well for me, that moment came about a month ago.
I went to a doctor's appointment and of course they made me get on the hideous scale.
When my numbers popped up, I literally could have thrown up.
Never in my life has my weight been that high.

This picture also helped in giving me that "moment". Gag.

I made a promise to myself to work out like a crazy person...
as soon as I got back to school.
I obviously couldn't work out since I was sick. (Excuse #1)

After a couple days, I got back to Liberty and that promise lasted about two days.
Finals came. My house had to be packed and cleaned for break.
Life got in the way. (Excuse #2)

I'm now home for Christmas break.
I head back to Liberty in exactly one week.
So far this break, I have avoided the scale at all costs and tried not to eat too many sweets.
I haven't worked out because of the cold weather (Excuse #3) and the absurd price of a gym membership (Excuse #4).

But honestly, I'm sick and tired.
I hate how I look in the mirror and in pictures.
I don't even want to think of what I look like to other people.
Things need to change.
No more excuses.
So prepare yourselves, folks.
This girl is about to get intense..

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