Friday, January 25, 2013

high five for friday

I kind of decided to join in on the "high five for friday" fun last minute so I don't have pictures (booo) but I'll try to have some next week!


1) I've worked out every single day! Well, except one day because of cramps. That's not an excuse but a legit reason. Ask any woman. Those things can be killer.

2) I had my first residential class of the semester this week! It's all about the stressers that face families today - traditional families, military families, homosexual families, any type of family you can think of. I'm excited for it!

3) I gathered up some of my girls on Wednesday night and we all went to a zumba class! Definitely not my natural talent, but it was definitely fun. :)

4) Monday night was the (hopefully) traditional "Bachelor Girl's Night"! I know, I know. It sounds weird. So what is this lovely event? To put it simply - pile as many girl friends into our living room as possible and ooh and ahh over Sean Lowe's gorgeous shirtless body on the Bachelor. Now you want to join, don't ya? ;)

5) It's snowing!!! Some people would disagree, but I think snow is definitely worth a spot in "high five". This Northern girl living in a southern state is quite content!

Over all, my week was been good but rather uneventful. I'll try to make next weeks better. :)

How was your week??


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