Friday, January 4, 2013

Airports & Free WiFi

Can I just say what a blessing straight from Jesus it is to have free wifi during layovers?! Sorry about my disappearance from the blog world! The last few days, I have been packing, spending time with family and traveling. I am currently at the Charlotte airport waiting for my final connecting flight back to school.

The past few days of craziness have reminded me how easy it is to become distracted from what is important. I haven't been having quiet times, haven't been exercising, haven't been eating healthy... Gosh. But that IS going to change. And I am honestly so excited about it!

I land back in my college town around 2pm today and I'm actually thinking of hitting the gym later tonight! If I can do it after waking up at 3am and riding on three airplanes, then you definitely can. Now get out there! Here's a little inspiration for you...

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