Monday, January 14, 2013

Push yourself!!

Today is the 4th gym day in a row!
Believe or not, that's a big deal for this chick.
It's actually getting to the point where I look forward to going.
I want the challenge.
I like getting all sweaty and pushing myself go further and harder.

If this chubby girl can do it, you definitely can.
I don't care what your weight is.
What your age is.
Whether or not you've ever exercised in your life.

When you've been on that elliptical for ten minutes and you want to stop...
Make yourself go until the timer says eleven minutes.
And then once it hits eleven minutes, guess what....
Make yourself go twelve minutes!
It's all about the baby steps!
If you don't want to go by minutes, go by calories.
I make myself burn atleast 350 and then push myself til it reads 400.

On another note, today was the first day of my semester.
I had to go to my internship and work.
It was kind of a taste of the "real world".
I liked it!!

After my internship and work, I met my housemate at the gym and then we went grocery shopping for healthy foooood.... (never go shopping on an empty stomach, for reals). I bought:

Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit.
Greek Yogurt.
Lean frozen dinners.

What are your favorite healthy foods??


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  1. Some of my favorite meals are FF cottage cheese with blueberries, salsa chicken (chicken breast in the crockpot with salsa...makes a ton so I always have something healthy on hand), and a smoothie with plain Kefir, frozen fruit, and agave nectar. Check out The 17-Day Diet for some more food ideas.